Venus Factor

A majority of weight loss solution fail because they work against the natural system of the body. Venus Factor System is a solution which attacks obesity on four fronts. It is the most comprehensive solution to all forms of obesity. The most important function of Venus Factor System is that it addresses the core of weight gain, namely leptin resistance. Currently there is no other system which vitalizes the inborn ability of human body to regulate diet and fat cells.

The Secret to Weight Loss was always present within your Own Body

Healthy weight loss comes from something which works with the natural system of your body. There are numerous ‘quick weight loss’ schemes which operate on a random and often completely wrong principles. A majority of them rely on reducing your hunger in some way leading to food deprivation. This will make you want to engage in binge eat at the end of these routines.

This is the reason fad diet and workouts usually work very temporarily. You can lose weight fast in as little as two weeks, but your body starts to gain weight when you quit the program. Most people leave these kinds of programs because the pattern of diet and exercise are too restrictive. In many cases where there is rapid weight loss, internal organs are malnourished and muscles deteriorate as well.

So what is the best system of fast healthy weight loss?

The best system of fast healthy weight loss is one that is specially designed for your specific health conditions, needs food and physical excercise.

Here Comes the Magic of Leptin

Hormones play an extremely important role when we want to change our body composition role. Leptin hormone is certainly one of the most essential elements to decrease the rate of fat cells in human body.

leptin role in venus factor weight loss programLeptin hormone is secreted by adipose tissues in human body. To put simply, its main role is in the regulation of body weight. Leptin actually communicates your nutritional status to the brain. It is from this communication that the body will take its decision on stimulating metabolism and fat oxidation. The greater the secretion of leptin, the higher is fat metabolism in human body. Leptin also has the impact of reducing the appetite and increase energy expenditure.

What Leptin can do to Your Body

  • Increase metabolism of fat
  • Increase glucose metabolism
  • Increase energy expenditure
  • Decrease appetite

The Problem of Leptin Resistance

Why is it that despite having leptin reserves in their body, there is a vast majority of people who continue to struggle with obesity?

The answer is leptin resistance. Leptin reserves are not actively functional in everyone. Obese people suffer from this condition. A vast majority of women and certain men suffers from leptin resistance. This means that despite having reserves of leptin hormone in their body, they are not able to benefit from the appetite regulation and balancing of fat cells by leptin hormones in their body.

  • Have you done everything to lose weight and are still unsuccessful?
  • Are you among those individuals who spend hours at the gym without being able to lose weight?
  • Are you unable to keep off obesity despite adopting strict diets?
  • If the answer to above mentioned questions is yes, then this article is for you.

venus factor before and afterVenus Factor System

Venus Factor System is comprehensive solution to weight loss. It is not just a dietary supplement. It offers a holistic and durable answer to weight loss efforts. Venus factor system includes four approaches to weight loss:

  1. Activates leptin reserves in your body to overcome leptin resistance
  2. Provides dietary balance by rectifying eating behavior
  3. Includes a personalized and mild workout routine
  4. Makes you a part of online support group

By resolving weight gain problem on three fronts, there is no other solution to obesity like Venus Factor System.

1. Activates Leptin Reserves in your Body

Venus Factor System comprise of a dietary supplement which addresses the core of obesity i.e. overcome leptin resistance. Venus Factor System brings a natural order to your body by activating this ‘satiety hormone’. The net outcome is:

  • A natural balance is brought about in your appetite and unnecessary craving for unhealthy food disappears
  • Your body regains its ability to expel unneeded fat cell reserves

There is currently no other known weight loss system which addresses this core element of obesity. There are no side effects since the supplement works with the natural balance of your body rather than against it.

2. A Personalized Dietary Guide

Venus Factor System includes a personalized diet regime to that is formed from natural foods. This is the fastest way actually shed off some pounds. This dietary guide includes fruits, vegetables and farm products. Following this guide is effortless. It helps to avoid food rich in carbohydrates, salt and sugar – the three culprits which make you feel hungry all the time. This program also incorporates food in your diet that promotes healthy weight loss fast. These include green tea and peppers that create ‘internal heat’ that helps burn calories faster. Fiber rich food such as apples, asparagus and papaya are also essential to detoxify your body.

3. A Customized Exercise Regime

Venus Factor System also includes  personalized exercise regime. Depending on your current physical condition, Venus System plans for you a workout that you can do yourself.

4. Online Support Group

Once you adopt Venus Factor System, you can seek advice and encouragement with the many weight loss support groups online. This helps you maintain your healthy weight loss journey. You could always raise your concerns at the community and supported by people went through the same stages as you.

This is now the time to overcome obesity once and for all by adopting the most natural solution to weight loss problem: Venus Factor venus factor today